Prague Folklore Festival 2009

I visited folklore festival Prague Folklore Festival and impressed me, especially the African ensemble from Congo was great. Vigorous dance, accompanied by a choir and tireless banging of drums were fun, and passers-by released into their faces smile for a while.. Prague Folklore Festival 2010 | People in Prague

black dancers
Close to Powder Gate..

Prague Folklore Festival 02
African dance.

Prague Folklore Festival 03
Documenting from all sides:)

dancing Chinese
Pretty Chinese girls..

Wenceslas Square
Dancing near Wenceslas Square.

Young Chinese girl
Hungry Chinese:)

Prague Folklore Festival 07
African drummer.

portrait of African
After dance..

portrait of Negro

Prague fair 10
Dancing on the Old Town Square.

Cape Verde ensemble
Cape Verde islands.

Old Town Square
The procession went from the Old Town Square to Fruit Market, where was the main fair stage.

Aphrodite from Cyprus
Folklore ensemble Aphrodite from Cyprus.

Bye next time:)

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