Matthew's fair in Prague

First time I was at Matthew's fair 15 years ago as a small child. I don't remember much, so I went 14.3.2009 retrieve my memories and perhaps it will last longer:) Attractions are great (and sound effects are suitable played), most will get enjoyed by children, but also adrenaline for adults is here enough;) Prague Photos

Matthew's fair 01
This magical grandmother welcome you at beginning:)

Matthew's photo 02
Let's gooo!

Matthew's fair 03

Matthew's fair 04
Who can't avoid the tree has bad luck;)

Matthew's fair 05
I tried it later too for hundreds crowns..

roller coaster
Roller coaster. There were a total of three..

Matthew's fair photos
Water games.

ghost house
Modern scare, everything was moving (eyes, mouth, hand, worker) and scaring:)

Matthew's fair 09
Matthew's fair from big wheel.

Matthew's photo 10
I rather hold the construction with my other hand:)

Matthew's fair 11
I do not see anyone familiar..

Matthew's fair 12
When everything is held firmly..

Russian wheel
Look, there!

Matthew's fair 14
Mix your stomach.

Matthew's fair 15
Any attempt to win, remember!:)

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