Pictures of people

Every man is destined by his appearance to certain lifestyle, beautiful woman is often on center stage, elegant man will offer you an oustanding product to buy on the street, little man does not become a basketball player, fat girl won't be ballerina. People know what they look like, and projecting it to their lives. And if someone deviate from his "possible" path, neighborhood will immediately pay attention to him..

girl and dog
In the meadow.

Smell of wood.

Hungry dancer:)

dancing boy
Satisfied dancer.

young asia girl
Picky princess:)

girls on bike
Spring awakening:)

soldiers walking

Free Hugs in Prague
These people offered free hugs in center of the Prague:) Note the mobiles in their pockets and photographer.

people in row
So when you a magician come??!

picture from Prague
They filmed some short movie at the Old Town Square, so I joined;)

homeless in Prague
This time without ice cream and a little older.

man with glasses
I have to think about it.

picture of fireman
I'm watering!


young handicap
Other boys.

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