Pope in Czech Republic

28.9.2009 pope came to visit Stara Boleslav, I went there and photographed;) By the way, Brandys nad Labem Stará Boleslav is a city with the longest name in Czech Republic, I was born there and lived until age of 14. So much for a brief history;)

pope in Czech 01
Everything under control.

pilgrims for pope
Those bikers got screwed by the police:)

pope in Czech 03
Browsing among the sectors with the pilgrims.

pope in Boleslav
I have to take a picture of the pope too..

pope in Czechia 05
There were four such towers with speakers.

pope in CR
Find a high place was a problem, but for these gentlemen maybe not:)

church of Virgin Mary
Church of the Virgin Mary in Stara Boleslav.

papež v Česku 08
Back to Probostak meadow, soon there will be the pope;)

pope photo

pilgrims on celebration

pope in Czech
Back sectors.


pope in Czech
Overall view.

pope and goat
Interview with goat:)

Czech televison
Broadcast vehicles of Czech television.

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