Portrait photos

Welcome to portrait gallery of various czech people. Street portraits

portrait of old man
Famous music player on Charles Bridge in Prague;)

portrait of girl
Czech young singer.

Nikola in Prague
Nikola in Prague.

portrait of grandma
My grandma, she lives alone..

grandma and grandpa
My next grandma and grandpa.

Veronika with Alena
Calendars winners from Facebook:)

Martina with Alena
Next posing with calendars:)

Theodor Landa
My first nephew Theodor. More at Theodor Landa.

Tabita and Ivan
His parents Tabita and Ivan.

family portrait
My sister and mum.

Erazim Kohák
My father with czech philosopher Erazim Kohák.

Erazim Kohák
My parents with Mr. Kohák in Lysá nad Labem.

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